Our Mission

The United World Martial Arts Federation is a world body whose only aim in the unity and development of all martial in one organization for peoples of the world. We believe that through martial arts exchanges in seminars, competition and upgrading we can make the world a better and more peaceful place for all human beings.

We believe life is about giving and reaching, that it is called the “empty hands” defending and competing without weapons, but rather by the abilities we’re improving everyday through sincerely and hard practice. Never giving up and always contributing in developing ourselves, uniting our societies and making everyday better than yesterday, this is the United World martial Arts Federations vision. The fight is always with ourselves.

Extraordinary Experiences

It is the Executive Chairman and honorary President together with many others who are with us today and many that have passed away that got karate into the Olympics. 

Here also our aim was to Unite and Develop all martial arts styles and nations towards this ideal. We accomplished this with distinction.    But today we are rather disappointed that this has been high jacked by greedy, corrupt individuals.

Our Core Values

Our core values is to Unify, Develop and Prepare for all people of the world to have access to the martial arts and martial arts competition. We want to bring back the true human values of martial arts on a mass participation, this creating peace in the world.