Board of Directors

We have some of the most dedicated and long serving martial artist in the world representing all martial arts. These Board of Directors represent all parts of the world in five continents and over 80 countries. Our political headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan and our administrative headquarters are in Johannesburg, South Africa

Honorary President


The United World Martial Arts Federation mission is to unite all martial arts under one organization. It was created in 1992 under the “United World Karate Association” in Tokyo, Japan when this group started its quest to get karate into the Olymp0ics, it has achieved this admirable task and karate will be featured in the 2020 (now postponed 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games). The postponed is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What is disappointing is the fact that due to practices that are against the spirit of martial arts karate will not be included in future Olympic Games, and is the first sport to be eliminated after a first appearance. It is for this fact, that we have decided to rather unite all martial arts including karate of all origins and formats as one of the martial arts under the UWMAF. Sosai Chodin has dedicated his life to the martial arts and is also the Head of the Imoto Kai Gi – founder association in Japan, which preserves and united all originators or their seniors living students towards world peace and development through the traditional arts.

Executive Chairman


The martial Arts world is a phenomenal community of over 200 million practitioners, besides it has a huge following of another estimated 500 million. This making it one of the biggest sporting and human arts community world-wide. Although it has these number of people it is disunited, disorganized and very fragmented. We want to change this and create harmony and cooperation between the various martial arts communities and practitioners. This will develop all martial arts and allow all martial arts to participate without being sanctioned or termed “dissident” as is the case with the World Karate Federation, where the practitioner is sanctioned if he participates in any other organization, this same practice is very evident in other organizations. It is purely to control and is rather undemocratic and very limiting for martial artist that want to participation in events outside their organization. We will develop all martial arts and allow equality and brotherhood in the martial arts. We are ONE MARTIAL ARTS FAMILY with ONE MISSION. UWMAF want to change the world through equality and cooperation thus creating a better life for all through martial arts. We are especially focused on the developing world as we believe “a child in sport is a child out of court” Kaicho Imtiaz Abdulla was very instrumental together with Soke Kunio Tatsuno in getting the IOC to accept karate as a Summer Olympic Sport, he also was instrumental in changing rules to suit all karate people of the World while he was Vice President of the World Karate Federation from 1993 to 2007 He continues to peruse this noble agenda of creating a better life for all.

Senior vice President


We encourage participation openly in any martial arts of your choice and you can do more than more and participate in any one of your choice or many. The Technical Commission under the Chairmanship of Skihe Giocomo Bertoletti has championed this openness and freedom of participation as long as the practitioner follows the rules and regulation of the chosen martial arts. Shike is a Veteran of karate, Jui jitsu, Koryo Arts include Iaido, Kobudo, Kendo and Kenjustus. We cater for KARATE of all formats and all styles, Kobudo both Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Okinawa, Koryu Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Korean Martial Arts and even modern arts as Kick boxing and MAA. The difference we demand decorum and discipline in all our members, and we are very demanding on maintaining the Bushido values in developing human beings with great physical prowess but not forgetting the human values of discipline, respect, character development and etiquette, all values very important in the martial arts. The principles of Shin (Spirit) Gi (technique) and Tai (body) development is emphasised without compromise. Thus create productive human beings that contribute to their societies, their country and the world.

Board of Directors

Shihan Simba MangabaVice President Events
So Shihan Sevraj KothandanVice President Media and PR
Shihan Thuto ThutoPresident United African Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Thamara NissankaPresident United Asian Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Mamadou DialloPresident United European Martial Arts Federation
Prof. GM Farhad DordarPresident United North American Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Nasroallh Kakavand President United Islamic and Middle East Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Adoul Amara President Magrieb and Arab Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Jafar Erfaniankhan Secretary General United Asian Martial Arts Federation
Shihan Lindomar RodriquesPresident United South American Martial Arts Federation
Sensei Zaida OssumaneChairperson of United Women’s Martial Arts Federation
Shihan MANVOUMBI MOMBO WAPATACAExecutive Member -Technical
Our leaders in United World Martial Arts Federation from 5 continents and regions.

Let’s build something together.