United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF)

“The Martial Arts and Karate world can not be unified the same way as has been attempted for the last 45 years. Today the IOC has failed all karate-ka and accepted the World Karate Federation without unifying karate worldwide just as they did with Taekwondo.

Well researched pragmatic techniques and tactics with Martial Sport and Art, being the guiding principles alone could bring a truly unified structure where the martial arts thrive as one of the most important tools for human peace and development in the present complex world. Martial Arts from all origins, although developed by the many countries and cultures now belongs to the World and not just one part of the World but the whole World. It is now time to Unite and Develop all martial arts”

– Imtiaz Abdulla Kaicho

Executive Chairman



Sosai Daikaku Chodoin

Kaicho Imtiaz Abdulla


Upcoming Events

1st UWMAF Virtual International Kata Competition

28 to 30 August 2020
Open to All Martial Arts
All Ages

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Virtual Referees Course for Kata

All Karate Kata Course under the auspices of the United World Martial Arts Federation, for all styles and all karate-ka Dates to be confirmed soon

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Technical Commission

The technical commission is chaired by Shike Giocomo Bertoletti, Senior Vice President of UWMAF, a very senior and respected Martial Artist that holds rank and many martial arts. His forte is JU jitsu, Koryo Arts, Karate and Bujutusu. Under this commission we have all the technical sub committees

  • Karate Do – All Forms of karate styles and competition formats
  • Kobudo – All weapon systems of Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Koryu Arts – Jujitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Naginata, and others
  • Kickboxing – all disciplines of Kickboxing
  • Chinese Martial Arts All Disciplines
  • Korean Martial Arts All Disciplines

Technical Commission Members

The following are responsible for the various division of the Technical Commission of the United World Martial Arts Federation.
  • General Karate    Shihan Kakavand, Shihan Thuto Thuto 
  • Traditional Karate Shihan Wapatcha, Shihan Lindomar
  • Bogu Karate  Shihan Mamadou and Sensei Zaida
  • Full Contact Knockdown Karate Shihan Siimba and Shihan Thamarra
  • Kickboxing GM Fafhad, Shihan Jafar
  • Ju Jitsu Shike Bertoletti and Shihan Kakavand
  • Kobudo So Shihan Kothandan and Shike Bertoletti
  • Korean Martial Arts TBA
  • Chinese Martial Arts TBA

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Martial arts under UWMAF

.UWMAF Caters for all traditional and modern martial arts development, grading, seminars and competition.

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