Our Purpose

The United World Karate Federation (UWKF) will be incorporated into the United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF) from the 1 July 2020. We will now unite and develop all martial arts from all origins under one Organization. The reasons for this is many but to state the most important is that the martial arts world too fragmented and unorganized. Besides with the major disappointed, after working so had, to get karate into the Olympics, we see it being excluded after the Tokyo Olympics, because of disunity and poor corporate governance. It’s very limiting clause of “dissent Organization” has done more to disunited karate than unite it. Karate today in every country is in turmoil because of arrogance and inflexible policies. It is our prediction that the World Karate Federation will disintegrate unless it finds new blood to restructure and inject a new philosophy and includes l, karate into its member, more importantly catering for ll karate styles nd competition format. It’s current Olympic karate formats looks a lot like TAEKWONDO, so definitely it I’ll not be beneficial for the IOC who are looking for new ways to attract sponsors and participants into the future of the IOC. It was because of Japan that karate was allowed as one of five exhibition sports, due to the experimental agenda to have more inclusivity and universality in its program. 

However, all other future organizing committees For the future Olympic Games see no value in WKF karate, this is rather sad.

So we believe that the future is in uniting and developing all martial arts to low free participation and membership for all martial art under one united world federation.


Declaration   of Unification   of World Karate


After  15 years  since the historic  signing  of the Joint  Statement in 1996 in Osaka, Japan, which  included the  TRADITIONAL Karate under the leadership of Hideki Nishiyama and WKF under the leadership of Jacques Delcourt, and signed  by both  parties  under the leadership  of Kunio Tatsuno  supported by Sosai Chodoin Daikaku and Kaicho Imtiaz Abdulla who was Vice President of World Karate Federation from 1993 to 2007 and many others, jointly  appointed   convened which  reintroduced   karate  back  into the IOC for  its inclusion  into the future  Olympic  Games,  and after the appointment of Joint  Working  Commission   ( JWC) with  Imtiaz Abdulla  representing   World Karate  Federation  and Rajeev Sinha  representing   TRADITIONAL Karate, as the only surviving member  since  the appointment   of the JWC  in 1996,  decided  to re-evaluate  the progress  made   towards  the unification   of karate  and its attempts to be  included  into the future  Olympic  Games.

Progress report

After analysing  the mandate  of the Joint  Statement   and re-evaluation   of the mandate of the JWC, the surviving  members  decided  to analyse  the track record of the  unification   process  and Olympic  inclusion  program. It is with great disappointment that the JWC, after allowing this process to continue for 15 years, must   re-establish    itself.  It further can report that both the unification process and the Olympic inclusion has failed dismally.

It was  resolved  that the JWC will return to the founding   documents  of Unification  and restructure itself as the United World Karate Federation, which is now the United World Martial Arts Federation, because karate is now included into the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 and the JWC’s work was completed in part, although all karate is not united due to the failure of the World Karate Federation to open unity to all karate groups. The UWMAF is now continuing in its quest for unity and development of all Martial arts as espoused by the IOC in 1988, which was developed for this purpose together with the World Karate Promotion Foundation (WKPF) in 1992, as guided  by the IOC,  through the 101th Unification Statutes, developed by the IOC Legal Commission and adopted by the  Monte  Carlo Congress, as the guiding document for the unification of all karate into one federation taking into consideration that there is two type of generally accepted karate according to the IOC, General Karate and Traditional  Karate with two commissions to develop  and future  develop karate, it is further resolved  that  the JWC will start  a new process of achieving its mandate which shall include:-

  1. Unification of all martial arts into one Federation with all martial arts competition formats and all styles.

2. Expansion of the JWC to include all five continents.

3. Review and recommend improvements to the 101th Unification   documents   and propose steps towards unifying karate and martal arts of all origins, developing   the acceptable   legal framework   and structure to achieve unification   and improving martial arts for the benefit of all martial artist world-wide without losing the enormous values of Bushido.

4. Work with all organizations  and relevant structure towards achieving these objectives.

Join us today and be part of this noble movement. Email us for more information uwkfhq@gmail.com 

With a vast membership in over 80 countries, the United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF) is the world’s largest and most prestigious martial arts organization. More importantly, the UWMAF is the preserver of the soul and spirit of the art of dento-bunka Martial Arts based on the ancient traditions of Bushido (the way of the warrior). Our mission is to promote this way of martial arts throughout the world, ensuring that it remains true to the philosophical precepts upon which it was founded. Martial Arts is not a game of points, weight classes or showy demonstrations. It is a way of life that trains a practitioner to be peaceful; but if conflict is unavoidable, true martial arts dictates taking down an opponent with a single blow.Such an action requires strength, speed, focus, control. But these physical aspects are only part of the practice; they are just the vehicle, not the journey itself.True martial art competition is based on Bushido. In true martial art which also includes competition, the body, mind and spirit—the whole person—must be developed simultaneously. Through kihon (Basics)kumite (Fighting) and kata (Forms). We learn to control our movements. But more importantly, we learn to give up control too. We can perform the techniques without thinking about them, and remain focused without having to concentrate on any one thing. In essence, the body remembers how to move and the mind remembers how to be still.This harmonious unity of mind and body is intensely powerful. Even the greatest physical strength and skill are no match for the power of wholeness.
We are Uniting and Developing All Martial Arts and all Martial Competition formats under one organization